About Us

 I was looking for a quality EDC tray about a year ago and I was unable to find anything that made the cut. I wanted something that could keep the gun safe while also keeping the trigger protected. With these two things in mind I then designed the Tactician Tray holster bar so the gun can be held in place and easy to remove. The holster bar works by using the belt clip on the holster, you just slide the belt clip over the holster bar and it holds the gun in place. For the back wall I wanted something magnetic to hold and display my knife and or carry collection. The phone charger makes it even easier to keep everything in one place and ready to go.

        I have been working as a finish carpenter/ cabinet maker for the past 20 years. In those 20 years I have developed many skills and became a master carpenter. With this experience I then developed my tray design by fabricating them outside of my normal job. The trays are designed and made to order by me in my wood shop. Nothing else on the market met my needs and had everything I needed so this is how my dream tray became a reality. I have been making the trays for just over a year now and my following has grown very quickly with just over 150 trays delivered all over America. I have evolved the trays with each custom design and with that in mind I am working on getting a CNC machine to expand my capabilities with new tray designs and products. My product line has grown to more than just trays, we also do custom kitchen knife display boards.  Everything is and will always be made in the U.S.A! We work out of a shop on The North Shore of Massachusetts and source our lumber from local lumberyards all over the northeast.